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Put That On Everything - Standalone Autographed copy 334 pages (Ships 5-7 business days)


Image of Put That On Everything - Standalone Autographed copy 334 pages (Ships 5-7 business days)

He’s every woman’s dream. Thanks to his humble beginnings, he’s edgy, outspoken and determined to win. Holt is also the highest paid wide receiver in the league and well worth the money that they pay him. Not only is he worth millions but he’s also perfection in physical form. That alone has women willing to do any and everything he ask. Well almost every woman except for one, Sutton Kelly. What man wouldn’t be satisfied with having it all, if that’s what having it all really means? Unfortunately, no matter how far you travel, sometimes the past follows. Trevor can’t seem to erase the darkness but he refuses to allow it to define him.

Sutton Kelly
She is a young black female who is at the top fo her game and has no room for distractions. She’s witty, brilliant, beautiful and finally being taking serious in a world that is dominated by men. Sutton fights daily to be respected as the general manager of the a thriving NFL football team. Sutton knows the game and is damn good at her job but all the world seems to acknowledge is her fathers legacy and her pretty face, well every one except the last person who she needs to be distracted by, Trevor Holton. He’s the name and face of her team which’s deems him off limits, but Sutton finds herself stuck between her attraction for Holt and her need to be respected, which is a dangerous combination.

When Trevor and Sutton’s worlds collide will it be a beautiful mistake or a horrible disaster? Either way they are bound to find out because fate keeps intervening. The burning questions is, will they be able to find an happy median to co-exit or will the lines get blurred proving that you can’t fight what’s meant to be.