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She Fell For A Boss Book

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The heart wants what the heart wants, as is the case with Yamiah. After one conversation with Miego, she is hooked. There is something about him that won't let her walk away. Despite the fact that he is a walking God, his arrogant and brusque demeanor are a little hard to take. Miego says and does what he wants and offers no apologies for it. Even with all that, Yamiah has to have him, regardless of the fact that it could put both her life and his in danger.

Having a child with Black, who is ruthless and unforgiving, complicates things. In his eyes, Yamiah is his possession. Black isn't the type of man who is willing to share, and because of who he is, he doesn't have to. His name alone carries weight, and his money gives him a free pass with the cops. Bottom line, Black does what he wants, including control Yami's life.

Fresh out of lock up from having trusted the wrong people, Miego realizes that he needs a change. Even though he claims he's done, the streets are all he knows, so he steps right back into the role he left. Once he encounters Yami, he doesn't think twice about walking away from Kia who had scorned him once. Miego is not the type to offer second chances, so when he makes that decision, he doesn't look back, leaving Kia to question what she thought they had.

Getting back into the game is working out to be a lot easier than planned since Train is right there to offer the deal of a lifetime, but staying under the radar might be a little complicated since Miego's past is still lurking in the shadows. Regardless of any obstacles, he is going to make it happen. Once a boss always a boss. Miego always gets what he wants, and right now that's his throne back, and the girl of his dreams. He is more than willing to take out anyone who thinks they will get in his way.