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Unexpected Expectations


Image of Unexpected Expectations

The universe has a plan of its own and the unexpected sometimes creates expectations that we aren’t prepared for. One of the most unpredictable happenings tends to be love.

T’Air’s current way of living isn’t cutting anymore. She wants something different, something solid! This is a stark contrast to her current lifestyle but in order to achieve the intended goal she will have to take a chance and express herself even when it seems pointless.

Lu’vell or Luv wants what he wants when he wants it. Scorned by past experiences Luv is not interested in finding love at all but he wants T’Air. In order for him to achieve that goal he will have to take a chance...a chance at love one more time.

Sometimes all you need is to give things a chance. Whether it’s a meeting someone new, an experience, a text message or love. You can’t have different results, doing the same things.