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When You Know It's Real


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Nonie’s life seems to be what most envy. She’s beautiful, smart, and owns her own party planning business with her best friend. However, that’s on the outside looking in. What most don't know is that she’s in love with a man who might possibly never love her back.

Yosiah O’day is everyone’s dream. He’s basically has it all, looks personality, and an empire that he runs in a way that keeps his bank accounts laced and his adversaries envious. All of these things make him the star of every woman's dreams. Unfortunately, Yosiah isn't really capable of love, so he doesn’t commit. The closest that he has ever gotten to that is with Nonie. It's nothing for him to drop everything for her, and he will give her anything she asks for, with the exception of the one thing she wants the most, his heart.

Caught between what they want and what they need is truly making life complicated. With issues lurking in the background, you have a twisted tale of love and war. Loyalty and love aren’t always enough when it comes to matters of the heart. Siah and Nonie, are being tested in ways they never imagined. Their circle is strong, but will it be able to hold up when they are challenged by life's pitfalls